The contemporary house design with stone facade is a pretty option among other modern concept offered today. The design of the stone padding can be very practical since the availability of the materials which are very abundant in style.

This mindset likely underlies the general design of Casa Bilbaína. This private residence looks very minimalist and sweet observed from the courtyard. This design is blended naturally with the environment and it can create harmonious relationship with the surrounding design.

The exterior design of this house is relatively minimalist since it does not apply any ornate decorations on the stone facade exterior. However, the design does not completely look pale and dull. The type of decorative stone for the wall padding is very sweet.

The color combination of the main facade ranges from peach yellow to light brown. This combination is able to provide a pretty looks for the building. The small addition with black accent stones also enriches the line and the shape of this building.

Beside the stone facade exterior, the minimalist backyard terrace can increase the homey vibe of this house. Strong look of the black sofas with dark brown fabrication has sweetened the house view. The area does not only seem sweet but also comfortable indeed. On the other side of the terrace, an open area also provides such comfort.

This outdoor space provides a set of dining table, a lounged chair and a couple of armchairs with a coffee table. The direct garden which is provided view will give you a pleasing sensation when you spend your time with the family.

The interior design of this minimalist house is very fantastic. With limited space you can still enjoy the roomy living room since the house also applies its minimalist concept to its interior. The sensation which is given by the interior is slightly different.

While you can enjoy a sweet exterior with the domination of warm color, this interior provides bright vibe. However, the minimalist design of this house with its stone facade exterior siding is a really brilliant architecture which can deliver the comfort in its indoor and outdoor space.


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