Aati Launches Bentley Home

The new Bentley Home collection at Aati is inspired by the renowned craftsmanship and exquisite materials that characterise the interiors of all Bentley models. Designed to furnish luxury homes and offices, the collection combines Bentley’s inherent qualities of workmanship, heritage and tradition, exclusivity and style, with the exacting design of one of Europe’s leading furniture makers, making it the perfect addition to Aati’s diverse luxury furniture portfolio.

This exclusive collection blends the finest elements of traditional and modern design, an exercise in subtlety rather than showmanship, incorporating functional performance with comfort and luxurious, sensuous quality. It captures the elan of the Bentley driver, through items that mirror the impeccable quality and attention to detail of the Crewe-based marque. The new Bentley Home collection will combine the traditional élan of the British gentleman driver’s spirit with a new modern English twist, an approach so superbly articulated in the Bentley suite at the St Regis hotel, New York. There, the combination of traditional and modern reaches a new dimension in the use of leather, precious wood veneers, metal, wool, silk and glass throughout the suite, and the distinctive quality of each object mirrors that of a Bentley model’s performance and luxury core elements. Crewe-based marque.
The colours span a pallette of warm tones: brown tones, dark chocolate, brick, new praline shades. Shades that range from quartz grey to Burgundy and from hazelnut to royal blue also join in. The quest for style is fully expressed in the furniture’s upholstery. Elements typical of men’s tailoring, such as pinstripes and Prince of Wales suits and iconic Bentley patterns, including the quilted pattern, all feature on the leather: light, soft and very fine, in shades of beige, mink and cognac, matched with incredibly fine houndstooth-patterned wool in walnut and dark mocha hues.