Essential home will bring to Milan a classic novel with characters that will stay in your everyday vocabulary.
Once upon a time in Porto Portugal, from a dream that was born out of the passion for design and the inspiration from the glamorous Hollywood life of the 1940s to the everyday life mid-century generation, the novel ‘Essential Home’ was written. And like in any other novel, its characters were born and grew alongside their story.
MONOCLES, the main character, was the first to be born; with a classic charm and with a passion from the early James Bonds movies, this character always brings the readers on a time traveling experience inside a single space. His strong passion for the 1930s and 1960s, creates the perfect blend between the past and the present.
With such a strong personality, soon this novel needed a strong and passiontate female lead. And just like that, KELLY Bar chair was born, with curved and sculpted arches that transpire a classic Casablanca feeling.
Soon the authors understood that their novel’s characters had a life of their own. And their eclectic style inspired them to create more and more, to the point where they could no longer keep it inside doors. And today MONOCLES, KELLY and many others travel around the world.
Their next stop? Well, their next stop will be Milan, where they will land on the 17th of April.
‘’Essential home’’ will have another chapter in Milan. And this capital of luxury and high design is reawakening to see, the city as the most fertile soil for design and It’s the perfect city to make room for newness, so MONOCLES and KELLY are ready to present us HEPBURN a new Hollywood glamour girl that is ready to give us all the passion, and enduring design stories. With Hepburn this story will have new adventures new scenarios and will meet with new characters that you will love to meet.