LALA CURIO brings a whimsicality to your walls, breathing life into the home. Our designs are inspired by the Imperial air of Ancient China. Portraying subtle elegance from the dynasty, our wallpaper evokes a presence of traditional craft within a contemporary environment.

Our hand-painted wallpaper is depicted and embroidered by the craft of skilled artisans. Our printed wallpaper is rendered by high precision technology. Delicate materials are used to set the palette, from gold-leaf paper to hand-dyed Thai silk to wood veneer. Embellishments are embroidered on for texture and depth. With the turn of a robin’s beak and the glint of a gold key… the walls begin to whisper.

Our wallpaper is available through an archive of Chinese Imperial paintings, contemporary illustrations, and Chinoiseries. Bespoke artwork is available upon request.
LALA CURIO voyages back to Imperial China, delving into the ancient forgotten arts and returning with the creation of Cloisonné Tiles. The Cloisonné Tile Collection boasts succulent colors and fanciful patterns. The art of Cloisonné, once restricted to Imperial use, is uniquely adapted to the form of tiles, bringing a touch of stateliness to the contemporary home.

Craftsmen weave metal wires into intricate patterns, where upon pigmented enamel is then poured into the partitions. The enamel is fired and burnished in 24 karat gold. From the kiln emerges the kaleidoscopic square, an expression of child’s play born through a master’s craft.

Our Collection is available in one and a half, three and six-inch tiles. The modular pieces can be flexibly arranged to adorn interior spaces, furnishings and decorative objects.

LALA CURIO is a home décor brand that specialises in playfully crafted interior spaces with furnishings, decorative objects, cloisonné tiles and wallpaper. LALA CURIO celebrates traditional artisanship with contemporary humour.

The tale begins with three-generations of expertise in craft furniture and a deep knowledge in decorative arts. Started as a rosewood furniture workshop in Hong Kong in the 1950s, the family company rose to become a leading ceramics enterprise. This living family tale flourishes today with LALA CURIO, founded by Laura Cheung.

LALA CURIO curates theatrical interiors with materials and techniques culled from across cultures and across time, woven into unique creations and brought into the scene in everyday living. LALA CURIO is designed for tastemakers who take thrill in the theatre of life.