introduces a limited collection of vases and
bowls by František Vízner in Paris

The legend of Czech crystal manufacturing, the author of masterpieces, the inspiration for art and industry. It would be hard to define František Vízner differently. His work is represented in prestigious collections worldwide and the brand BOMMA decided to introduce a new collection of vases and bowls, created according to the designs elaborated in the last year of author’s life. The limited edition was introduced for the first time to the public at a major Paris fair Maison et Objet 4 – 8 September 2015 in BOMMA´s stand in Hall 7 no. I-87.

During the last year of his life, František Vízner was no more dedicated to polished studio creation, he painted instead. That is how a unique collection of dozen designs of drinking and decorative glass for the newly emerging glass factory Bohemia Machine was born. In 2010, the newly established crystal manufacturer and designer BOMMA introduced these designs as the author’s first and up to this day very successful collection of drinking glass. Frantisek Vízner’s daughter, Ida Víznerová, is artistically supervising the upcoming new limited collection of horizontal and vertical crystal vases and bowls according to author’s original designs, who would have turned 80 this year.

The limited collection is worked in two materials – glass and golden-brown amber to be decorated with a fine diamond cut finish, typical for the author. Given the significance of extinct designs and BOMMA´s manual processing of products, the pieces will be for sale only in dozens of pieces. Each product will be numbered and accompanied by a certificate of originality.

The crucial impact on František Vízner’s production was foremost Vízner´s family and the nature. “Life in the natural environment, humbleness before natural givens, dependence on animal communities. These were all deep, serious influences – devoid of decorative fashion. This is how my minimalist view of existence and work was born”, František Vízner describes his work in in the preserved notes recorded during the author’s lifetime. “Excellence means understanding and acceptance of personal limitations to me. I want to be limited by materials, tools, their own hands. Solitude and concentration leads me on the path to perfection.”

BOMMA introduce a new collection of illuminated objects TIM in Paris, created by designer duo Olgoj Chorchoj. Michal Fronek and Jan Nemecek designed a series of large flame cut globes. The collection was named TIM after a successful exhibition Tim Burton and His World for which the Studio Olgoj Chorchoj designed crystal cupolas the characters of Burton´s movies dwelt in. In the collection TIM, glassmakers’ skills and strength combine with purity and clarity of crystal.
The authors enriched the collection by a series of so-called. šturc, glass covers with a bowl made of stained oak wood in three different sizes. This glass piece was used in the past to store memorable objects such as the first baby shoes, rare clocks, sculptures, statues of saints or the bridal bouquet. The main function of šturc was practical, to preserve objects dustless. Nowadays, the shape of šturc has been modified and its original function was replaced to decorate various meals. The authors wish to resuscitate this object and recuperate its primary function.

Blanc collection by Monica Kornikora a talented student of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, is enjoying a great success. The author innovatively combines grinded porcelain with crystal and thus creates a perfect collection suitable for luxurious confectioneries.

We will introduce a new collection DENT by Jile Pecl. The collection of vases and bowls DENT reflects the intervention in the integrity of the basic geometric shape. It responds to our current times when simple traditional forms are deliberately distorted by unilateral interventions. In case of the DENT collection, it is through sharp cuts on the side of the cylindrical bodies. Sharp rectilinear cuts contrast with rounded radial shapes. The BOMMA brand will also offer other products from its existing production to the visitors to the fair, such as products from the workshops of prestigious Czech and foreign artists.

Crystal manufacturer and designer BOMMA boasts high-quality products cut from the genuine Bohemian crystal. BOMMA thus follows the rich tradition of Czech crystal manufacturing in the cradle of its birth in Svetla nad Sazavou. BOMMA combines traditional Czech glass craft with the latest designs and technology. “We aim to have our crystal a symbol of quality, beauty and lasting value passed from generation to generation.”, BOMMA founder Jiri Trtík presents a clear vision and one of the main priorities. The originally conceived collection makes use of the current design syntax and the variety of decorations in perfect robotic cuts, applied to high quality crystal through a unique grinding technology of its own construction.

BOMMA is represented in prominent Czech and international galleries and showrooms, for example. Modernist and Futurist Gallery in Prague, La Rinascente in London or Mint and FBC London. We extend our offer to new sales gallery in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Until the end of 2015, BOMMA offers the opportunity to visit BOMMA´s own temporary store POP UP: BOMMA, located on the ground floor of the emerging Museum of Modern Glass ZIBA. The iconic former Zivnostenska Bank in Na Napnkope Street in Prague, where visitors can also buy new products from the existing collection.