Family business since its beginning in 1921, Déglon creates knives and cooking utensils for consumers and professionals.

With more than 500 references in their catalogue, the company has become essential in the sector of bars, hotels and restaurants, in hotel schools or in the general public.

Based in Thiers, historic cradle of the French cutlery, Déglon has enthusiastic teams and advanced equipment.

Creativity, reactivity and precision are the values allowing this family structure to offer blades with lifetime warranty, worthy of the greatest professionals.

SERIP works with the most talented craftsmen whose deep knowledge of artwork allows for personalized and bold designs. The manual bronze work and artistic glass result in stunning art pieces inspired by nature. Unique and refined pieces that adapt perfectly in unique and luxury spaces with classic or modern environments around the world.

Organic Lighting chandeliers inspired by nature that gain their uniqueness for its exclusive lighting fixtures, endless colors, shapes and sizes to suit the needs of every home or project. Particular attention to detail and the unique design with precious materials, make SERIP an undertaking of organic lighting luxury.

The passion for lighting and search for innovation in design demonstrates SERIP’s unique point of view in the field of decoration in contrast to the mass of today. SERIP produces undertaking nature-inspired chandeliers. Organic lighting that stands out for its attention to detail and unique design.

Taiwan has a world-renowned manufacturing industry. In addition to a complete industry chain in manufacturing, Taiwan also makes cultural and creative products that maintain a “people taste”. Despite the lack of resource, Taiwan is known for many craftsmen and designers who specialize in bamboo, rattan, ceramics, glass, lacquer and wood crafts. Taiwanese products have a strong presence of hand-made texture and reflect local culture and lifestyle.
In addition, Taiwan has been influenced by many different cultures, and this multicultural influence has helped Taiwanese culture acquire a diversified and inclusive character when facing the influence of global trends. As time goes by, and the continuous innovation, Taiwan’s creativity has also adapted to changes and transformed. From traditional oriental culture, we have found a life attitude that fits contemporary lifestyle.