Delightful Chairs With Quirky Characters

Romanian designer lrina Neacsu launched a fresh collection of chairs with character at the Cote Deco section of the famous Parisian event Maisong & Object, that marks a new direction in the evolution of her brand, thecraftlab. Mr Him and Ms Her went to Paris, together with the characters from the Seasons series, the traditional couple Draga and Dragu, and the urban fashion duet Miss One and Miss Due. Each character- chair is unique, manually personalized through already known textile mixes and techniques that characterize the brand.

“The new designer website will carry on two product categories: unique products collection, that already represent the brand, and a new group of products, series, that works with print on textiles techniques after original illustrations signed by lrina herself. All chairs of the first category can be both purchased and ordered with personalized elements, as duplicates are possible with keeping the unique character of the design. The newly introduced category allows duplicates in medium and large series and imply lower prices”, explains designer lrina Neacsu, founder of thecraftlab.