Desire Floral This Season

For these who have a penchant for floral designs, we bring in innovative ideas to make your home floral. This spring let flowers dance not just in your garden but also in your bedroom-let lilacs, orchids and carnations bloom on the walls as well.
There are some ways with which you can decorate your home with floral designs without going overboard.

Living Room – Living room is such a place that we like to keep elegant always. Instead of using bright floral wallpapers for the living room, incorporate floral designed furniture covers.  To keep it chic, add different sized cushions in floral covers in subtle pastte shades.
You can also add a floral floor covering to enhance the theme in hues of orange, red and mint.

  Dining area – It is really important to select an appropriate design for the dining area as it connects to the bring room theme. It should not over define the chosen theme, so as to overshadow the bring room.
It can be kept minimal and simple by using a floral designed table cover. Also, keeping fresh flamers on a plain table cloth will boost the theme  of a flower vase on a plain on.


Kids room – Your child’s bedroom is the best place to experiment with all floral ways. Decorate it with allowing floral paintings on the wall to keep it simple and fresh.
You can also use curtains of bright floral prints on misc and match different floral designed wallpapers to add bloom to your child’s room.


Bedroom – For your bedroom, it’s always safe to choose floral print wallpapers, misc and match them to add charm. Also you may use matching rugs and artwork. To make it appealing use plain bedcovers.
Floral Tips
Try to use plain, light coloured cushion and bed covers with floral wallpapers
Try not to merge more than three coloured floral designs to avoid making it look braving and flashy.