Find Out the 6 Top Trends for Decorating and Design in 2014!

If you are in the phase of renovation or building a new home, if you want to “spice up your corner” and introduce something new, fresh but stylish, here are the 10 Must Know Trends for 2014.

1. Green Homes : The green houses are already standard and will be the most important starting point in the future, when it comes to building a new house.It is type of house designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable and at the same time also concentrated on the efficient use of green building materials, water and solar energy.

2. Trend Colours : Say welcome to the “New Neutral Palette of Soft Colours”: cream, grey, blue, green, lavender and pink. These colours will bring the spirit of happy, harmonious and pleasant atmosphere in the interior. This year’s hit colour and best combination to the soft natural palette will be the navy blue.Trend

3. Style : Instead of the modern electric decor and futuristic design, this year comes back the timeless warm design.

The neutral palette of soft colours in a combination with vintage pieces, which encourages and stimulates curiosity and discussion about this piece, will be highly trendy. Mixing metal silver and GOLD plus wood and stone will be definitely perfect warm and trendy combination this year.

4. Kitchen : Because the healthy food and the healthy lifestyle are always in, the kitchen evolved during the years in some kind of living room and is still the most important part of the house, which is at the same time place for family meeting; discussion how was the day, party with friends etc.

Kitchen trend for 2014 will be big open concept kitchen, with glass-front cabinets and/or open shelves and warm colorus, cream brown and also the trendy cobalt blue.

5. Bathroom : If you plan to renovate your bathroom, as a place where you can enjoy and prepare for the day, or simply chill and relax at night, here are the popular trends ideas for 2014. The bathroom must be relaxing and practical with sophisticated, minimalistic design Use mood-enhancing colours (whites, cream, brown, pastel blue & green.)

If you prefer tubs, than you can think about some simple trendy black “stand alone tub” Play with the lighting and turn your bathroom into special spa experience.

6. Bedrooms : The main phrase for trendy bedrooms in 2014 is “contemporary & traditional combination”, which defines relaxing warm atmosphere and comfortable environment.