Furniture Industry and Mattress Production in Turkey

Turkey has attracted the attention of the world especially because of the export-oriented growth, structural reforms and major investments in last decade. This has led growth in furniture exports, too, so much so that the sector set its major target 2023 as being one of top five industries in the world. This idea keeps the sector very assertive. The country had targeted to be one of the first 5 furniture countries in 2023 with a manufacturing volume of 25 billion dollars and export volume of 10 billion dollars.

Furniture is an employment friendly sector generating foreign trade surplus. Furniture industry has an influence on 19 sectors. Turkish furniture industry realized 2 billion 315 million dollars worth of export in 2015. This figure represents 12th rank in Turkey’s total export items. The main export markets are Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Germany, Azerbaijan, France, Turkmenistan, England, UAE and USA.

Furniture is one of the major industries in the world yielding a total annual value of average 437 billion dollars as the main industry and sub and auxiliary industries.

China, Germany, Italy, USA and Portugal are the largest exporters of furniture in world markets. In this enlarging market, Turkey aims to be one of the top countries at the race and it has all elements and opportunities to reach its targets. Investments both in production and in research and development activities as well as the supports and incentives of state are on the increase for years. Though there are more to be done to become a major country in terms of setting trends in designs, like Italy, several designers in Turkey hase managed to sell their designs and products in almost all parts of the world.

A good number of powerful producers are active in furniture industry. In addition to them, major investors are seeking partners and opportunities to invest in Turkey and to establish partnership with Turkish furniture and mattress companies. They invest serious funds in the industry.

Furniture industry requires a powerful supplier network which produces quality elements for furniture manufacturing and higher technologies needed for better products. The best and the most attractive fabrics, upholstery, linens are made in Turkey. Every need of the manufacturers are met by several stakeholders in the furniture industry. One only need to act as an intelligent entrepreneur in this sector by aiming high in international markets.

Turkey is located in an advantageous position both geographically and in terms of labour, energy, raw material supplies for mattress manufacturing.