Our exclusive fireplaces are always seen as the heart of the home.

GlammFire was founded in September 2008, in northern Portugal, with the goal of developing and manufacturing exclusive fireplaces.

The will for greater efficiency, the search for differentiation, achieved by the development of unique products, and the respectful commitment to ecology are present in every detail of GlammFire products.

Besides being pioneer in its sector in Portugal, GlammFire directs its products to a dynamic global market, featuring the best of Portuguese design. In a concerted strategy of diversification, the broadening of the range and customization of products always follow the needs and consumption patterns of customers.

The passion for fire creates contemporary lines. Since its inception, GlammFire has developed and accumulated experience that ensures high quality products to its customers in a development strategy that integrates the concern for environmental preservation.

Totally committed to high quality and more ecological fireplaces, GlammFire Leadership considers the following objectives, as guidelines for the activity of the company: Design & Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, Quality of Product and Environmental Preservation.

Aware of environmental problems, GlammFire has implemented a set of measures and best environmental practices to safeguard the rational use of energy resources, reduce emissions and promote an adequate management of waste.

GlammFire Leadership is committed to complying with environmental laws and other applicable environmental regulations, and promotes a work environment, where there is not any kind of discrimination, aiming to continuously improve the Quality Management and Environment System.