Hotel Providence in Paris Furnished by BARBBU

The Hotel Providence, located right at the Porte Saint-Martin, in Paris, now – since past December 2015 – offers its guests a lot more than its history; it also offers beautiful interiors, designed as a cross between a Parisian family home and an English country cottage.

Perched in a little square lit by retro lampposts, the building looks cozy and elegant, and seen from the outside it seems taken from a Parisian movie scene. When we enter the door, instead of immediately finding the reception, we find a bar counter inviting us in to the restaurant space. At the left edge of this counter, we find the reception.

The 18 rooms of the 1854 Haussmannien building, have been individually decorated by interior designer Sophie Richard and her best friend Elodie Moussié, after Pierre Moussié decided to start his journey in the hotel industry. The rooms feature dark-coloured vintage woodwork and antique headboards that really accentuate the tradition of Paris’ upper-class Haussmannian apartments.

Most rooms have patterned velvet wallpapers, Art Deco lighting fixtures, oversized brass coffee-tables, and velvet, delicate in their forms, armchairs and two-seat sofas; in this particular case, MAYA by BRABBU. Setting a contemporary guest experience out of a speak-easy aesthetic, Sophie Richard found in the MAYA armchairs and sofas, the perfect elements to reinvent the Parisian boutique hotel.