Indian Ceramics

Two months before it opens, Indian Ceramics is already well on track for success: again in 2014 this trade show is attracting all the key global players and exhibitors. Teh event showcases the entire spectrum of classical ceramics, from raw materials to technical ceramics. Among the line-up of companies already registered are international market leaders such as Craven Fawcett, Cretaprint, De Boer, Dorst, Eirich, Esmalglass-Itaca, Handle, H&R Johnson, Imerys, Netzsch, SACMI, Sibelco, SITI B & T, Smalticeram, Smaltochimica, System, Torrecid and Verdes.

Indian Ceramics 2014 will also be featuring an approximately 400 m2 Italian pavilion, organized by ACIMAC(Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics) in cooperation with ICE(Italian Trade Promotion Agency). This is considerably larger than last year, and therefore an indication of the stong interest there is in the Indian market on the part of the Italian ceramics industry.

Indian Ceramics is being supported by the Indian government and industrial associations along with their regional offices. These include respected associations such as the Central Glass and Ceramics Research Institute; support has also been pledged by all the ceramics associations in Morbi and Thangadh, for example the Gujarat Ceramic Floor Tiles Manufacturers Association, the Morbi-Dhuva Glaze Tiles Association, the Morbi Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Thangadh and associations based in Gujarat such as the Federation of Ceramic Industries, the Panchal Ceramic Association and the Gujmin Industry Association in Ahmedabad. In addition promotional activities have been carried out in the Arab region and in Southeast Asia, and cooperations have been entered into with the corresponding industrial associations, such as the Bangladesh Ceramic Wares Manufacturers Association.

The exhibition is being accompanied by a high – caliber supporting program. Taking place in parallel with Indian Ceramics is the first Innovation Exchange. This unique platform for participants in the show, for consultants, technical people and think tanks provides insights into the latest trends new technologies, developments in sustainability and traid-and – tested processes in the ceramics industry. A series of 30-minute lectures by respected industry experts will be featured on each day of the show. The discussions and debates engageed in here present an opportunity for high-level exchange of experience with the experts. The program of events here is free of charge to all visitors to Indian Ceramics.

Another attraction is a Technical Workshop for experts in the Indian heavy-clay, tile and sanitary – ware industry, organized by the journal cfi(ceramic forum international). The seminnar, which is also supported by CERAMITEC, takes place on February 27, from 10:00 to 13:00, at the exhibition venue. Here representatives from the supplying industry will be reporting on their latest developments in energy efficiency and on quality improvements in Indian products. Leading international companies will be sending speakers to this workshop; they include De Boer Damle Pvt. LTD, Imerys Ceramics Pvt., Netzsch Grinding & Dispersing – NETZSCH Espana, S.A., SMALTOCHIMICA S.p.A., SYSTEM Ceramics S.p.A., Riedhammer Gmbh – Sacmi Group, SITI B&T and Nutec Bickley Kilns. Participation in the Technical Workshop is free of charge.