Modern interior design is the first rank of the most popular home interior design concept in 2014. Modern design is always identical with minimalist concept. Initially, this concept arises from the desire of some people to apply a neat interior design without a lot of accessories and furniture. This concept is also a top choice for people with a lot of busy that has no time to tidy up the house every day. But over time, this concept has become a trend adopted by almost the entire population of the world from all walks of life.

The multifunctional, practical and good in view design make modern minimalist home easily accepted by society. Now, the design is growing very rapidly and underwent many modifications that tailored to the desires of the homeowner. Even, some modern interior design is combined with classic concept to get an interior that is not only convenient, but also has a high taste. Since so high the sale value of modern interior design, it can be a profitable long-term investment. Basically, minimalist home architecture has a slightly different construction of most houses in general.

It implements a fusion style between the American and European interior design. The interior designers sought to make design as attractive as possible in a limited area. Not only interesting, but modern interior design also offers an effectiveness side that not owned by other designs. Due to prioritize functionality and comfort, you do not need a too large budget to have this house. All you have to do is choose one of the creative decorating ideas to optimize each room and empty space. Good home is a home that has a strong and solid foundation.

Generally, modern house design further highlight the interior design than the exterior of the house. However, there is no harm if you do a little improvisation by creating a garden or patio as family gathering place. There are many ways to get around the limited space in. You can give some artistic touch on the room decor. This can apply in decorating the walls and ceiling. Use wallpaper to deal with the monotonous wall paint color. Choose a wallpaper motif that matches to the theme of your room. Stripes or flowers pattern is perfect to give a fun and casual feel. In addition, you can use a unique chandelier as a focal point in the living room. Besides artistic touch, you also have to provide rather large vents to provide natural freshness throughout your modern interior design.