Quality and design power of Turkish Furniture Sector to attaract investors!
Istanbul Furniture Fair ranks among the top three important fairs in the world and is 10 years old. “ISMOB – Istanbul Furniture Fair”, global platform of Turkish furniture industry, put manufacturers, designers and buyer groups together in CNR EXPO. In the big organization to be held between the dates January 28th to February 2nd, 2014, a big trading volume is aimed to be created by means of contacts investors are going to make with participators. The sector bringing the year to completion with 15% increase in exports, estimates 10% increase in exports at the end of the year 2013.

ISMOB is going to be held in cooperation with CNR Ekspo Fuarc, an establishment of CNR Holding, and MOSDER – Association of Turkish Furniture Industrialists. The success Turkish furniture manufacturers have got recently on panel furniture, seating groups, chair-stool, bedding, furniture accessories and components, garden and kitchen furnitures is grabbing attention worldwide. The success Turkish furniture sector which achieved export to more than 200 countries on five continent have got on quality, workmanship and design is shared with the whole world. In the fair, furnitures manufactured through traditional methods are also made debut.

Export of Turkish furniture sector is increasing every year!
Competition of Turkey, a country of furniture manufacturing,with furniture countries that are worldwide brands in the fields of quality, price, technology and design is increasing day by day. According to the data announced by MOSDER, Turkey closed the year 2012 in furniture export with 15% increase as 1.849.467.042  Dollars compared to the previous year. Until the year 2023, Turkish furniture industry is aiming to become 5th largest furniture manufacturer in the word with export expection of 10 billion dollars.

Over 300 company participates!
In the fair, new agreements are expected to be signed in short  and medium term. ISMOB in which over 300 companies will participate is held in an area of 120 thousand m2 in modern halls of Istanbul CNR EXPO. A great number of companies from Kayseri, Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa, Inegol ve Izmir where manufacturing is intensive are going to participate in the organization.

Design awards are going to be given
The fair contributing directly to export of furniture sector ranking among the leading sectors in Turkey’s economy, will host the award ceremony of Furniture Design Competition, as well. The young designers of modern Turkey will introduce their new models to professional visitors in the fair.
Modern, classic, aged and modular furniture, beds and sets of bedding, armchairs, chairs and counches, baby’s and teen rooms and furniture accessories consitst of product groups of ISMOB