J K Architecture Design Studio

Kunal Bardia and Jhalak Bardia are the founder architects of J K Architecture design studio. The studio is based at Tilak Nagar, Jaipur. Jhalak is a gold medalist and has done masters in the field of Urban Design.

The firm beyond having most of its projects in Jaipur, also manages works in other places of Rajasthan like Khatu Shyamji, Bhilwara, Sikar, Jaisalmer etc. The consultancy work in carried out with a team of architects, 3D visualizers, structure engineers and surveying staff. The studio is equipped with printing facility and registered designing software.

At present the firm is working on a residence project for a retired Army Colonel, Arjun Singh Budania and his family comprising of his wife and two sons.
The client’s requirement was discussed and his foremost intention of the construction exercise was to provide a comfortable living for him and his younger son, who both wanted a luxurious living space to house their families. A gathering lounge, a front garden, a modern faced design which merges with nature and its surroundings and a vaster compliance design were also required for the project.

For meeting the above requirements, it was thought that a residence design with two floors would serve the purpose of spacious and luxurious lifestyle. The entire first floor is reserved for the father and the younger son. The north east corner of the first floor is actually a combination of covered and open terrace.

An external staircase is also provided. A verandah opens up in to a garden on ground floor which is beautifully covered with flowering plants, hedges and trees. The façade is actually a combination of solid masses and punctures that lie within the Glass railings in the balcony enhances viewing distance. The position of all spaces and elements follows the modern principles of Vastu Shastra.

Natural Stones have been demonstrated beautifully in the project for designing its façade the cubodial mass on the ground floor is cladded with Gwalior mint stone which is soft sandstone that takes good workmanship. The natural colour of this stone is pink to yellow and light brown. Hence, the whiteness quality is a major cost factor of this stone. The sandblasting technique is applied first which renders almost white colour and imparts a rough texture to the stone.

The balcony of the first floor is differentiated using variation in visual levels. A difference of almost 400mm is created between the massing on ground and the first floor. It is this difference in level that enhances the application of stone. For cladding, the stone used is gold stone which has its roots in Jaisalmer. The striking feature of this stone are the patterns which are visible on the top surface.

For cladding both the stones, chemicals and metal clamps are used. After cladding the first chemical applied is a cleaning agent which removes stains and marks of cement etc. the second is a water proof coating. This is essential as sand stones by virtue of their nature tend to absorb water. The second coat ensures protection from rain and allows the user to wash walls whenever required. The coal may require repetition within a few years colour enhances are also available in the market but were not used in this project.

In master bedroom, use of veneer along with paint in false ceiling, has also been demonstrated. This creates harmony with the wooden floor which lays below.