Disco is all about fun. Breaking creative boundaries and exalting a vintage’s feeling, it allows us to revive the effusive sixties. Assigned between aesthetic and technology, the Disco Mirror combines simple lines with a trendy way of living.

Since 2001, Jetclass is showing the best of Portuguese exclusive design to the world. Headquartered in Oporto, Portugal, the new factory has a 20,000 m2 of total area, where a showroom stands out with unique scenarios. Inspired by the world’s culture and the Portuguese history, the brand offers a wide range of options.

Neoclassic design style with royal details turns Jetclass’ creations into timeless masterpieces. Reinventing itself, Jetclass combines its own style with contemporary lines of an innovative and striking design, preserving the brand’s personality.
Jetclass also offers a personalized service of architecture and interior design projects, according to each client’s needs. Result of the deep experience and extensive knowledge, Jetclass was born to tell stories throughout elegant and sophisticated furniture.