Beige seems to have become the colour of the season in kitchen décor with discerning home makers opting for it over other colours. Crema Scuro, the beige quartz made by KalingaStone – a Classic Marble Company (CMC) brand for engineered stones, is in demand for countertop installations in both classic and contemporary kitchens. From its Eleganza series, the classic beige Crema Scuro renders flexibility to the kitchen for accommodating any light and dark shades of décor. The subtle appearing stone sets a perfect backdrop as much for kitchen utilities as it could for any other countertop applications. Custom developed for countertop installations, KalingaStone Quartz, the engineered tough slab of quartz in beige is a fine fusion of appeal and utility.

Being one of the hardest stones used in utility applications, quartz amongst other stones has the longest lifespan and doesn’t weather under the harshest conditions. The stone is non-porous and hence is highly sanitary and stain-resistant. As kitchen countertop, despite bearing constant change in temperatures ranging in extreme heat from the cooktops to the chilled foods or beverages from the refrigerator, the quartz remains unaffected. Also, a kitchen has all the possible ingredients like lime, vinegar, soda, salt, turmeric, among others and which are strong enough chemicals to cause damage to applications. Quartz surface can withstand these without any staining or corroding and does not require any special maintenance either. This makes it an ideal choice for applications in kitchens whether as worktops, backsplashes, or even floors, typically in hotels.

Crema Scuro is available in standard dimensions of 335 cm × 165 cm and thickness of 12 mm, 15mm, 20mm and 30 mm. For kitchen applications, besides its latest introduction CMC’s KalingaStone quartz range includes a bespoke collection of colour, design and pattern. Typically a slab of quartz, irrespective of its application purpose will have a standard polished, glossy surface. Its surface will display a varying degree of silica presence which adds sparkle to the stone and some are as minute as granules while others are very prominent.