For an eminent Supreme Court lawyer in a posh South Delhi locality, a luxury abode is envisaged by the design studio Locus, based out of New Delhi. The client who is an avid lover and collector of Traditional Indian art, gave the brief of the home being symbolic of their majestic and regal lifestyle, while accommodating and augmenting their mammoth collection of art pieces. The residence, is therefore crafted and conceived around this royal collection.

While every corner of the house bears a mark of the client’s passion and the design team’s expertise, the baroque silver furniture and a 100 year old chandelier in the stairs, meticulously created niches in the stilt to place the antique sculptures, hi-tech & fully integrated home theatre system, automation throughout the house, and flawless stonework in the bathrooms along custom designed vanities. The project’s biggest success has been that whilst maintaining top-most detailing and quality, the house was finished, from start-to-end in only 18 months.
All furniture has been custom designed by design studio Knock-on- Wood, based out of Delhi, that specialises in customised high quality hardwood furniture along with metal and leather finishes. The house being a seamless blend of ethnic India and modern west, along with its immense collection of Tanjores and large bronze figures, called for furniture that would complement the art rather than fight for attention.