Lighting IDEAS Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is the most coveted place of the house, as it is where you head to after a tiring day’s work. So it is imperative that you add some style to it. If your bedroom is small, you have limited surface areas. So get creative and look up to that oft-overlooked one: the ceiling. Hanging decorative items overhead not only frees up the area below but also draws the eye up. This effect gives an illusion of greater volume inside a small room. Instead of using bedside table lamps, hang pendant lights from the ceiling. This creates a vertical line upward and opens the space below, making the room feel lighter, uncluttered and even a bit more styled.

Similarly, window drapery can be hung from the ceiling instead of on the wall just above the window. Hardware for most window treatments is designed to be flexible, so try turning the bracket up and installing it on the ceiling. The length and vertical lines of the drape will make the ceiling feel higher and the room larger.

With large furniture taking up floor area in the small bedroom, one great trick for creating space and giving the room an airier look is to float some pieces on a wall. This arrangement makes the furniture seem to merge into the wall, giving your room a more streamlined appearance. Storage furniture, such as bedside tables with drawers or even small dressers, can also be affixed to the wall, leaving space beneath to store shoes or stylish baskets stashed with necessities.

Making the bed wall the star of your bedroom can be fun for any size room. However, it is especially helpful in a small bedroom because doing so gives the room personality and draws attention to the design feature, rather than the room’s diminutive size. There are numerous ways to get creative with a bed wall.

To maximize limited floor space – especially because the bed typically takes up much of this valuable real estate – incorporate flexible furniture that folds up to the wall. You might try a foldout desk that doubles as a make-up table. A wall-mounted pullout shoe organizer in the closet can free up space on the closet floor for a small chest of drawers, adding needed storage. The most classic bedroom foldout piece of furniture, of course, is the Murphy bed. This is a terrific option for an alcove in a studio apartment or a guest house bedroom that pulls double duty as a den or home office.

Whether they lead to your closet or your bedroom, doors need clearance to open and close. The required clearance may limit your options for furniture placement and size. If this is the case in your home, consider replacing traditional doors with a stylish folding, sliding or pocket door. These take up less room because they eliminate the swing action of a more standard option. Another way to enhance the function of the doors in your bedroom is to replace them with light-filtering or reflective materials.

Mirrors are your best friend in a small bedroom. A medium to large mirror can be placed just about anywhere – there are no strict rules. You might try one above the headboard or your floating dresser, on a wall that faces the bed, or as part of a mirrored closet door. The mirror will not only make the room appear larger, but it also will reflect whatever natural light you have.

Highlighting something eye-catching in a small room will not only radiate personality and style, but also take the focus off the size of the room. So make a bold choice in your bedroom. You could select a distinct paint color for your bed wall or opt for a distinctive wallpaper like grass-cloth.