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MADE expo
Milano Architettura Design Edilizia
The message spreading through the Italian construction industry is: “the worst is over, the patient is off the critical list”, and “It’s time to get our act together and invest!”

The Chief Executive Officer of Made Eventi, Giovanni De Ponti, is looking ahead with confidence. ” Demand on the domestic market may still be a tad sluggish, but the good news is that more and more Italians will be renovating and refubishing their homes in 2014. Another reason I’m optimistic is that bank loans to first time home buyers are picking up again”, adds De Ponti.

In 2013, 27.8 billion euros went into energy retrofits, and Italians have already spent more than 10 billion in the first four months of this year, according to a survery conducted by Cresme and commissioned by Edilegnoarredo, the FederlegnoArredo member association that groups together manufacturers of products for the construction industry and urban furnishings sector.

School buildings: a billion euro – plus plan is about to take off Italy’s Premier, Matteo Renzi, has thrown his weight behind a plan to build and refurbish the country’s schools. Investments totalling over a billion euros have been earmarked for more than 20,845 school buildings. Between 2014 and 2015, the first stage of the plan will affect one out of two Italian schools and give four million students newer and safer schools. The governmejnt has freed up financial resources that it intends to spend on building new classrooms and undertaking maintenance that in many cases is substantial and long overdue; the plan also includes upgrading decor. ( source: Presidency of the Italian Concil of Ministers)

Tax relief(30%) approved for hotel renovations Hoteliers are thrilled about a bill just passed by the Italian government that provides 30% tax relief on hotel renovations, along with benefits for hoteliers opting for web – based and telephone advertising and promotions between now and 2018. ( source: Confindustria ( Federation of Italian Industries), Hotels Section)

MADE expo 2015 – the latest update
Made expo has signed a major partnership agreement with I.C.E., the Italian Trade Commission. ICE’s mission is to promote Italian enterprises overseas and help them become more export – oriented. MADE expo has put together a plan that will boost investments to raise the events’s visibility abroad, attract more non – Italian visitors, and set up high quality touch points for B2B meetings. The international promotions programme is also under way. The road shows in Nigeria and lsrael were a huge success, drawing in hundreds of architects. The programme will now continue with events in Germany, the UK, China, Russia, France and Switzerland.