Mobiliyum was created by collaboration of 200 furniture manufactures to demonstrate the grace, elegance, quality and difference of Inegol furniture and established a solid step towards this dream. It is a significant centre for furniture, where you shop safe and fast with its 365 days open expo concept.

The first and only furniture mall in Turkey, Mobiliyum Shopping Centre offers a wide variety of product range and all kinds of furniture related products to its visitors in 225 thousand m2 indoor area from bedroom suites to sofa groups, from dining room sets to baby’s room, from office furniture to furniture accessories, and more, Furniture manufactures in Mobiliyum Shopping Centre serve both wholesalers and end consumers with European quality products at 1/3 of European manufactures’ prices and fast delivery options.

While thousand of different models offered by hundreds of stores in Mobiliyum provide elegance and quality to meet all tastes, 5 star hotel, restaurant, and café areas take furniture shopping to a privileged level. Private offices planned for designers, tourism agents and exporters, who will convert Inegol into world’s furniture centre, are designed for the future of Inegol furniture.

Inegol has been manufacturing furniture for the entire world for over 100 years, and with over 3 thousand manufactures, Inegol covers 50% of the furniture demand in Turkey.

The first name that comes to mind when Art of Furniture in Turkey is mentioned, Inegol employs 60 thousand people in this sector, and contributes a stunning $1.2 billion value to Turkish Economy.

Inegol has been the trailblazer for many achievements in furniture aspect, Turkey’s first organized furniture industry site and Turkey’s biggest and most extensive furniture vocational high school are both in Inegol.

Adding value to the sector and enriching both Turkey and living spaces, furniture capitol Inegol is now home to a brand new premium: the first and only indoor Furniture Shopping Centre in Turkey is welcoming visitors from Turkey and the whole world in Inegol.

The project of Mobiliyum is located in the furniture manufacturing town of Inegol, which meets 50% of all furniture needs in Turkey, a country with a population of 80 million. Mobiliyum’s distance to Inegol city centre is 5km, while the distance to Bursa city centre is 40km.

Inegol has a population of 240 thousand. In this town there are more than 3000 manufacturers producing furniture in modern factories that have indoor areas totaling up to over 5 million sqm. and export to over 150 countries.

60 thousand people are employed in its manufactories and workshops. Total export from its town is $1.2 billion, while furniture production and sale total revenue is $2 billion.

Turkey’s biggest and most prestigious furniture trade project Mobiliyum Shopping Centre was established by collaboration of 200 furniture manufacturers over an indoor area of 225 thousand sqm.

Mobiliyum was added to assets of the sector with an investment of $250 million and opened as the most extensive furniture centre project in Turkey.

Mobiliyum is located in Turkey’s furniture design and manufacturing centre Inegol. Hundreds of furniture, bed, couch, bed frame, teen room, accessory, office furniture, and chair manufacturers are gathered under the same roof.

After finishing shopping for furniture, you can have access to all your needs in Mobiliyum Shopping Centre. You can catch your breath in one of the cafes and spend some time in sports areas.

Mobiliyum also offers special packages which include a complimentary stay. For more details send us a mail on: [email protected]