Ozone Movable Acoustic Wall Partition System!

Ozone presents an exclusive collection of Wall Partition Systems in glass & wooden panels such as Sliding Folding Partition Systems, Movable Glass Partition walls & Movable Acoustic Partition Wall. These are user-friendly, technologically advanced & high aesthetic systems that allow creating a temporary partition in the larger areas for making smaller zones for varied usages at time.

Ozone Movable Acoustic Wall Partition Systems are designed for creating partition wall between two adjoining areas with sound transfer reduction. Each system consists of top hung manually operated acoustic panels which can be interlinked to form an acoustic wall. Panels are made with acoustic insulation for achieving specified sound rating & come with different stacking options such as parallel or perpendicular with 01 & 02 point suspension.

Panels are sealed acoustically using sweep seal at top & retractable seals at bottom for sound transmission reduction. This system comprises a door leaf at the either end of system for easy access to adjoining areas for servicing or otherwise required. Ozone Movable Acoustic Partition Wall is a perfect solution for conference halls/rooms, theaters, banquets, lobby area, living-cum-dining rooms.

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