Pantone Fall 2017 Trends for Home Decor A Pantone Inspired Selection by Boca Do Lobo

The Pantone Colour Institute has released the Fall 17 colour report. Commonly, the Pantone colours, the fashion creations and the product design work together and influence each other through a cyclical creative synergy.

The high end fashion and the pantone colours trends also play a big role in the creative process of Boca do Lobo, walking hand in hand with other arts and crafts. The upcoming season’s inspirations of the brand are a proof of that, presenting the versatility of the brand.
For this reason, inspired by the Pantone’s colours and by the luxury brand’s creations presented on catwalks around the world, Boca do Lobo developed 3 moody Fall moodboards: Spatial Grey, Exotic Lust and Red Fever – a combination of sensual exoticism and new technologies.

Discover everything about the selection of handcrafted pieces by Boca do Lobo to the Fall season of 2017.

Exotic Lust
Luxurious Metamorphosis
Spatial Grey by Boca do Lobo Crafting the future now
Be ready to fly high up to the space with the futuristic Fall 17 trend: Spatial Grey.

Shining bright on the next season’s collections, the sterling silver and the grey metallic finishes are daring to bring futurism closer than ever. The inspiration comes from one of the Pantone Fall Colour Trends’, the neutral grey and also the navy peony.

Monochrome Silver | CONSOLE
The Monochrome is built from four separate modules, and features a unique shape. Made of fiberglass, this futuristic piece has a silver lacquer gradient finished with high gloss varnish coat.

It expresses a space age outlook though it’s distinct shape and silver tones.

Eden Side Table represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire. It is fully made of nickel plated brass with a delicately engraved top exposing the heart of a tree.
Diamond Chocolate | SIDEBOARD
Diamond is a faceted sideboard. The interior is finished in golden leaf. Legs are manually carved lined with golden leaf. The sideboard is made from wood finished with a luxurious shade of translucent chocolate with high gloss varnish.
Emporium 3 Legs | DINING CHAIR
The Emporium chair features a classic shape, with design details inspired in the surrealist movement. Cast from aluminium alloy, it is a lightweight and resistant piece, available in gold or silver plated finish.
Convex Metamorphosis | MIRROR
The Convex Metamorphosis Mirror is made from brass. Its concave shape is achieved through the manual hammering of a brass sheet. Its exterior ring is kept simple, treated with varnish coats, and polished to achieve reflection. The insects are also cast from brass, and undergo a chemical treatment for finish.
Emporium Fur | CHAIR
This sophisticated chair is made of Chromium and gold painting over aluminium casting. The white fur fabric brings the exotic touch to the design.
The Feel Table lamp is produced with a fiberglass structure lined with silver leaf and translucent varnish. The base is made of stainless steel.
Red Fever Interiors Have Never Been So Hot
The world of fashion was overwhelmed by an epidemic fever of red – thanks to Pantone Colour Trend – Flame Scarlet. This colour is not just sexy and charming – it is provocative, strong, independent. For this reason, fashion creators and interior designers are not afraid of using red in red. Boca do Lobo couldn’t be more inspired by this colour, that has a lot to do with its ideology of teasing and provoking reactions through the strong design. Velvety red allied to the most contemporary design will result in a dramatic explosion of style.

The Royal table surface is finished in a palisander wood veneer, with a patchwork collage. Its legs are finished in high gloss black lacquer finish.

Ann is a contemporary floor lamp composed by a minimal modern structure with a perfectly matching square lampshade. The floor lamp is supported by a stainless steel structure.
The Nº11 is made from solid brass, with a high polish finish, protected with a varnish coat. It features a velvet upholstery seat.
Pixel |
Pixel is an effort to honour the union between design and craftsmanship. Composed by 1088 triangles with a diversity of finishes, worked handmade. It has a polished brass base and inside is coated of aged mirror.