Paolo Buroni

An American critic once described Paolo Buroni as the “urban invader” for his implse to “invade” urban spaces buildings and squares with images “and if I could I would invade entire cities.”

“The Urban Invader” because Multivision Image Designer Paolo Buronis most constant and significant characteristic is the use of the here spatial dimensions and the interaction between projected images and architectural structures, which becomes an integral part of the event.

Paolo Buroni began his career as free-lance reportage photographer in 1980 working for about 10 years with the Grazia Neri and Focus Team  photographic agency. He put together numerous reporting services for the Grazia Neri agency, published in both national and foreign magazines and participated in numerous important photographic exhibitions and events. His images are on display at the Lausanne Photography Museum.

With the advent of the first digital computer processes, he passed from photography to computer art and subsequently on to his first vision montages to finally arrive at creating huge multimedia installations where music, images and architecture come together to form one artistic language.

Today he has created and produced the most important and challenging interior outdoor production of multi-vision images; Louis Vuitton cup for the America’s cup where he has covered with images the water front in Trapani using effects inspired by the sea, the San Siro stadium for the Inter-Milan Derby, with 10,000sqmt. of images projected directly onto the football pitch, the Cathedral of Milan, the ship used at the G8 in Genoa, St. Pietro’s Square in Rome, the Coex Center in seol, the stadium in Istanbul, the Montecarlo Formula I.G.P. for the Ferrai-Marlboro team and some of the most important shows of the RAI TV, including the scenography for the Festival of Sanremo 2003, Miss Italy in the world and the RAI 3 TV programme “Che Tempo Che fa” on air every weekend.

Buroni is the winner of FIAP Award 1995 (Federation International de l’Art Photographique) Rotondi Award 2008 (Special award for communication) and ADI Design Award 2008.


Fragrance Unplugged

Fragrance is bliss Fragrance is alluringFragrance is therapeutic…. Fragrance is IRIS

Fragrances have a positive impact on the human mind and mood. Iris, an eight year old spatial Fragrance brand understands the importance of pleasant smelling interiors. A brand from Ripple fragrances, Iris fragrances has its roots in the Mysore-based NR Group founded by Shri Ranga Rao, the Pioneer of Cycle Pure Agarbathies in 1948. Iris is the brain-child of Kiran Ranga, MD, Ripple Fragrances, who represents the third generation of the Ranga Family to take the fragrance legacy forward. With his bachelor’s degree in perfumery from the UK, Ranga says Iris Home Fragrances are targeted at wellness and are a complete sensory delight with aesthetic presentation and packaging.


Kiran says that Iris differs from other fragrance brands because “we have the full range of home fragrances, we invest in brand building, through media, events and PR, We believe in cutting edge design and our reach is far superior”


Iris fragrances offer a bouquet of flavours like jasmine, lavender, cinnamon, Lemon grass, apple orange and marigold. Iris uses a variety of innovations like easy-to-use and aesthetic dispensers, vaporizers, fragrance sachets and stones, scented candles and sprays to diffuse fragrances.

An eco-friendly wellness fragrances, Iris adheres to industry guidelines IFRA (International fragrance association) and EPA (Environment Protection Agency).Iris customizes fragrances to suit individual preferences of the home, hospitality or corporate user under its Iris Brand Signature Fragrance concept.


Kiran Says the Indian market for home fragrances is rapidly evolving and consumers are realizing the importance of fragrance in their lives. The early challenge was one of creating awareness for home fragrances. We overcame it by investing in manpower, and communication. Today we are present in more than 1200 outlets and favored by leading hotels and corporates” says Kiran.


In the next five years, Kiran says he wishes Iris to be a part of all SEC A+ Households, to be in all 3 to 5 star hotels in India, to have saturation coverage in all lifestyle outlets, to be the preferred gifting solution and to scale up on their own retail outlets.” We have started our retail journey from Bangalore and have 6 outlets under IRIS Aroma Boutiques” adds Kiran Ranga.