SPACIO celebrates Italian Crystal Art with Mario Cioni

Italian crystal art is resplendent with elements of glamour and style. SPACIO takes proud privilege to celebrate beautiful Mario Cioni collection that reflects Italian Crystal Mood. Mario Cioni blends together elements of décor luxe, glamour and art to create an object that mesmerizes generations. The absolute beauty of crystal stems from perfect combination of the four elements which give life to the entire universe: air, earth, water, and fire. Mother earth supplies the raw materials – silicon powder and lead oxide – which the power of fire joins together indissolubly in the melting pot. The air, blown into the incandescent crystals by master glass-makers, give crystal its first plastic shape which is the fixed by immersing it into water. The finest crystal art pieces are handcrafted with care and love to bring the best design ideas to life. The featured collection is called Mirus medium available in amber blue, red and white transparent colours.

About Mario Cioni Since 1958, Mario Cioni has been well known in Italy for creating crystal with skilled experience. Every single creation with the Mario Cioni name is synonymous with Quality and has been made in pure crystal with more than 24% lead content and superior refraction. Each piece is treasured for its artistic value, which will continue to increase in time. The focus of Mario Cioni & C philosophy: giving pleasure to those who choose its creations. To achieve this goal, the company has directed the experience of almost 50 years of activity towards the creation of its collections that are different and complementary for inspiration and purpose of use, destined to realize the hedonistic dream of each and every person.
The absolute beauty of crystal stems from the perfect combination of the four elements which, according to ancient philosophers, give life to the entire universe air, earth, water and fire MARIO CIONI, the historic collection which bears the name of the founder, stands out for its ranges based on the classic canons of high quality, artistic crystal ware.