Whenever Stockinger develops a new safe, the aim is clear: to build the world’s best safe. Uncompromising security, perfect craftsmanship, totally individual exterior and interior design, they are masterpieces for people who are clearly satisfied by the best only.

Thus, Stockinger safes have a home in the high nobilities’ residences as well as in the villas and yachts of top-athletes and film stars, businessmen’s penthouses, and private collectors’ lofts. Customers are valued by the company more than anything and their discretion is sacred to the company.

When Hans Stockinger started building safes in Munich, Germany in 1978, he had a vision. He did not only want to build the world’s most secure safes, but the world’s most beautiful safes as well.

The company’s safes integrate perfectly into elegant private interiors and were meant to free the valuable collections of passionate owners of jewelry, watches and art from grey safe deposit boxes and cellar safes.

Today, more than 30 years later, this vision is as alive as before, and is mirrored in every detail of the company’s safes.

Because of the unique construction, armoring and the patented locking system, Stockinger safes fulfill the highest requirements. In Switzerland, Stockinger safes are classified as SSV type “cash cabinet list II” or “safe list I”. The security classification of the insurance company association is VDS III or IV, based on EU norm 1143-1 and corresponds with that of banks. The result: is that no Stockinger safe could ever be opened by force and the company will do anything to keep it that way.
More than 30 experts participate in the production of one Stockinger safe: Industrial and graphic designers, metal workers and varnishers, saddlers and sewers. All components are handmade in Germany or Switzerland. The company realize tailor-made matching safes of craftsman’s perfection.

The company knows that buying a safe requires a high level of trust. This trust from the clients is most valuable to the company and it does its uttermost to fully satisfy their requirements and expectations Therefore, its personal service by far exceeds buying advice, supply and assembly.

The company supplies safes all over the world if demanded, and also installs the safe and organize its connection to the existing alarm system.
For more details about these safes send a mail to [email protected]