Stone Studio A Dream Come True

Stone is used all over the world for different purposes, be it buildings, palaces, forts, private or public structures. If we look at stones the world over, there are mainly three types of rocks igneous like granite, sedimentary like sandstone and limestone and metamorphic like marble.
India and especially Rajasthan is full of this natural wealth of stone and is exported to almost all the countries of the world. The Galaxy Group alone exports so much stone every year which can clad a building as high as Mt. Everest. The directors of Galaxy Group not only have an eye for natural stone, they also have a long experience of giving different shapes to stone for the international market. The Group has established an exclusive showroom for stone by the name of “Stone Studio.”
One of the seven wonders of the would, Taj Mahal, Red Fort of Delhi, Sun Temple of Konark, caves of Ajanta and Ellora, all draw their beauty from stone. The Assembly buildings of Karnataka and Rajasthan are examples of the hole of stone in beautifying them.
Many qualities of natural stone are available here for different applications. One kind of stone can be used at different places for different purposes. For example, it is not necessary that Kota Stone is used only for flooring or Dhaulpur stone for cladding. Every stone can be used for a variety of purposes depending on the necessity. Hence the customer needs one such place where all the varieties of stone are available under one roof. This makes the selection of stone easier for the architect. Probably stone studio at Jaipur is the only such place in the country.
  Galaxy Group has won accolades and awards for the export of natural stone and its showroom at Mansarovar, Jaipur is more like an art museum of stones where one comes across artistic structures in stone. In this reference, stone studio is quite unique where stone is displayed on an area of 27000 sq. feet, in different shapes. The moment enter the showroom, we feel as if we were in a mega showroom of USA.
The managing Director of well-established name in the world of stone, Michal Opray Beisterveld, Holland, Mr. Jose Simons says that after entering stone studio we do not feel as if we are out of Europe.
According to the director of stone studio Kailash Daga, Galaxy Group has a progressive history of 23 years in stone business and this inspired the concept of stone studio and it took shape. The display is such that the customer can select stones for bedroom, bathroom, living room and other purposes with a lot of convenience and the choice available in wide.
Light Stoudio By Galaxy
Light in the symbol of life which illuminates a place and can even give it’s a divine look. Light can be used in a multitude of ways for decoration and beautification. We can do innumerable experiments with light for decorative purposes.
Light studio established by Galaxy Impex at mansarovar, Jaipur is a unique concept store where one can find a large variety of decorative lights. Spread over a floor area of 5000 sq.ft. this showroom is an example of innovative uses of light.
The studio was inaugurated by the famous architect Marshal Strabala on 07th Dec, 2013 and in the only enterprise of its kind in the country. The variety of lights available is flabbergasting. The variety and presentation of lights helps the customer make his selection as everything is available under one roof.
The unique studio has more than 700 designer light which include everything from filament bulb, CFL to LED. They include out-door lights, indoor lights, chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling lights, LED panels, down lights etc. The latest and most modern designs and qualities are available here. All options of lighting decoration are there for customer’s selection.
The first showroom of its kind in Rajasthan has given a new definition to lighting. It is for the benefit of architects, engineers, interior designers and other experts. They can make a selection suiting the choice of the customer.
The establishment of light studio is the result of the hard work put in by the Chairman of Galaxy Sh. Daulat Daga, M.D. Sh. Kailash Daga, Director Sh. Pratap Daga and Sh. Abhineet Daga. In coming years, light studio will prove to be a milestone in the business of decorative lighting.

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