Sungracia Tiles Pvt. Ltd

Sungracia Tiles Pvt. Ltd. has been adding to the prestige of Quality-Product coverings world-wide since 2012, and is constantly demonstrating its commitment to the creation of ceramics with high technical and stylistic value, characterized by leading-edge design of an excellence reflected by international prices and Values.

SUNGRACIA’s creations are the outcome of research and development conducted in-house, a heritage of unique know-how that provides the basis for yet more unique materials. Creations that are evolved by combining the innovation of groundbreaking technologies with the skill of the craft tradition, in absolute compliance with the strictest standards on the sustainability of both process and product.

Vision & Mission:
Quality and innovation: one step further
“Innovation becomes not merely an aim but the underlying motor of a new strategy, a unifying principle that brings together the most change-oriented forces both inside and outside firms. New lifestyles demand new products. Fresh priorities, such as those of the environment inside and outside homes, offices and public buildings, lead to the updating of the models for use of materials” To build the future of surface solutions.

Ecology and Development
In formulating its corporate philosophy and concretely defining its tasks, ever since it was established SUNGRACIA has focused on the primary goals of protecting the environment, preventing pollution, complying with legislation, defining a reference framework for establishing goals and achieving milestones for improvement that are unique in the world.
A highly experienced core group of innovators, ceramists, designers, engineers and thought-leaders continuously strive to open up new avenues of imagination, and bring on an ultimate fusion of natural designs, colors, textures and styles.
Technological innovation is an attempt to improve quality of life in order to guarantee a future “on a human scale”. Artistic talent serves the beauty of nature as well as serving humanity. Because beauty is always sustainable.

Mr. Malesha is the Managing Director of Sungracia Tiles Pvt Ltd., a ceramic company located at Morbi in Gujarat, INDIA with state of the art technology.
Mr. Sudhir Malesha has over 32 years of experience in the Ceramic Industry, He values human quality first and believes that relationship and trustworthiness plays a very important role in business to lead tio mutual rewards. Relations, Quality, service and value for Money are four pillars of his business ethics, with a long term vision is to satisfy the customer’s demands of the best quality of product consistency.

“I have always believed that quality, economic success and environmental protection were not mutually exclusive. In fact, I am convinced that together, they are the key to growth for industrial operations. Everyone involved in Sungracia Tiles Pvt Ltd. consciously works towards these aims, proving their efficacy and promoting their adoption beyond the company itself”

Mr. Jayakumar is board member and the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Sungracia Tiles Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Jayakumar has over 32 years experience in the industry, He has extensive technical skills to achieve the highest productivity & effectiveness, dynamic slip & Formation recipe, and continuous cost saving through implementation of the latest innovations. He was worked as COO/CTO on a number of other tiles manufacturing projects including RAK Ceramics, UAE, Al Forsan Global Industrial Complex, Saudi Arabia, C.D.K. Integrated Industries, Nigeria and Star Ceramics Ltd, Bangladesh.

He was responsible for producing the largest slab in the world (185 X 125 X 2.0 CM), introduced slim tiles (4.5 MM Thickness) and pioneered the latest products with soluble Salt Printing, Double Charge with dry Glaze, Roll Feed Twin Press Techno-Slate. He Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Ceramic Engineering from Indian Institute of Ceramics, Calcutta, A bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and a Diploma in Ceramic Technology. He is also a member of the Indian institute of Ceramics (M.I.I. Cer) C/o Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, Calcutta.