The Homi Formula Adds Value To Creativity

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The Homi Formula Adds Value To Creativity
Scheduled at Fiera Milano from 16 to 19 September 2016, HOMI has confirmed its reputation as an incubator of quality and new development opportunities for Italian enterprise, a container for high value projects to lay the bases for real opportunities toward developing companies that invest in design as drivers for progress and research. Edition after edition, the exhibition has brought to the fore the many regional traditions of fine Italian artisanship, key concepts toward affirming new styles, never neglecting the local origins of unique techniques and production qualities.

The key to the event is how it lends space to ideas, thanks to the increasingly competitive product offer and a rich calendar of events and initiatives that heighten the dialogue between talents, companies, trendsetters and retailers.

BEAUTIFUL AND WELL DONE. FAVOURED BY ITALIANS, CHARMING TO THE WORLD The starring companies of the HOMI industries represent a modern, contemporary collection, enthusiastically received by consumers in Italy and abroad.

This confirms recent studies that locate Italian products at the center of the interest of foreign markets and a constant reference point for the styles and desire to renovate the home for Italians.

According to the data collected by Confindustria Research Center and Prometeia, over the next 6 years, “beautiful and well made” Italian products will reach a value of 15 billion Euro, with Italian exports forecast to rise 43% from today until 2021.

This trend shines a light on the opportunities available to companies interested in developing new products with the added value that the entire world affords objects manufactured in Italy.

While the macroeconomic data show that foreign countries are ready to import Italian production, research related to Milan and Lombardy specifically provide a closer view of style peculiar to Italians, which is increasingly loyal to tradition. Demonstration of this is the research conducted by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan on entertaining and home living habits: residents of Milan invite friends to lunch or dinner approximately once every 20 days and are willing to spend up to 2,000 euro per year to dress their table and their home especially for these occasions.

Thanks to the relationship established with the local Chambers of Commerce and with ICE – The Italian Trade Agency – HOMI has developed an important promotional activity addressed to enterprise, and in particular, to international buyers. Some of the countries targeted in September 2016 were Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Japan, India, Iran, Spain, Czech Republic, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and the United States.

Furthermore, also continuing are the partnerships established with industry associations in HOMI’s reference segments (Art, Soul, Italian Fashion System) while contacts with the key design organisations (schools and associations) have been reinforced. Another very important partnership was established with CNA – National Federation of Craftsmen and Small Businesses, which, with its great experience in heightening the value of traditional small businesses and the more innovative startups, provided assistance to HOMI in scouting companies.