The PentHaus, Gurgaon New Delhi, India

Photographs by Vibhor Yadav.
Architecture Team Details:-
Founder| Principal Architect – Mr. Sanjay Arora
Studio Head Architect – Mr. Sanchit Arora
Interior Decor Head – Mrs. Vandana Arora
Technical | Architectural Assistance – Mr.Virender Singh
Contractors – Mr. Umesh Mehta (Star Construction)

Renesa Architecture Design Interiors have recently completed an interiors project for a penthouse(The PentHaus) in Gurgaon. The basic design requirement as per the client was to divide the floor plates in the penthouse on the basis of public and private relationship.(With the public interaction and services on the lower level with the private interface on the upper level).

The design philosophy as dictated and understood was on the lines of contrast in colors with the play of art and decorative pieces highlighting the depth in the detailing of the accessorization of the whole scale model.

The client’s interest in art and design pieces worked in favor for RENESA DESIGN STUDIO as it was a value-addition to the whole interior decor design process. Credits need to be given to the client for the right selection of art pieces in terms of the color pallet blending into the design philosophy set by RENESA STUDIO.

A mix of contemporary modern with classical essence here and there provides a smooth transition of amalgamation of different design philosophies in a given space model.
The play of solid volumes with double height spaces gives the apartment a very expansive and grand look at the entrance. Thus a line of communication is created between the public and private zones via the massive chandelier mass structure in the middle of the entrance foyer.

RENESA ARCHITECTURE STUDIO carefully studied and analyzed the given area and the clients requirement for the look and feel for the space (internal decor) and planned the space accordingly. The positioning and placement of art pieces, furniture and furnishings once decided by RENESA was left to the client to decide and they did proper justification to the space with some amazing decor choice to value add to the existing space design by the architects. It is also great to have clients with good design taste as it is always a value addition to the architect’s vision.

Each and every space has been demarcated with its own essence of design so that they stand out and give a new experience to the visitor while passing through.
Also, the toilets have been carefully crafted according to the ambience of the space. Different specialized Italian stones for each different toilets gives a new experience for the viewers. Perhaps the contrasting color pallets of the activity zones change so massively that the eye catching experiential pathway is induced at the lower level of the apartment.

The kitchen area has been expansively designed to give a very airy feeling to the household activities. Huge windows with amazing views provide a perfect setup for a good-to-cook ambiance at any time of the day.The deck area for the Penthouse has been carefully crafted in terms of keeping the pallet on the green side with a tinge of hardscaping with the lit backdrop of the penthouse adding character to this external space.

Hence, all in all the character of a bling-y yet subtle design space is created at this apartment with more importance given to the transparency of the space transitions with the careful play of the color shade card in the backdrop.