Toshiba Elevator India Pvt. Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation, Japan commenced its Indian operations in April 2011 with a vision of providing world class, energy efficient and safe vertical transportation systems and since then has been successful in emerging as a strong player in the Indian elevator and escalator market. Utilizing the comprehensive technological infrastructure developed by Toshiba Corporation over 135 years of history, Toshiba Elevator provides and contributes to Indian market with state of the art technology represented by the experience of installing “Fastest Elevator in the World”.
In October 2012 Toshiba Elevator India Pvt. Ltd. entered into a joint venture with Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd. with an aim of accelerating the growth and strengthening Toshiba’s presence in the Indian elevator market.

Besides being a world leader in high technology is also a leading company in India. It is a diversified manufacturer and vendor of advanced electrical and electronic products, spanning information & communications equipment and systems; electronic components and materials; power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems; and household appliances.
The goal of the company is to provide safe, secured, comfortable elevators and escalators, to support economic growth and enhance client’s satisfaction. By utilizing the technological infrastructure developed by Toshiba Corporation over more than 135 years of experience, it can provide state of the art technology represented by the likes of “Fastest Elevator in the World” and “Double Deck Elevators” which company has introduced in the market.

Toshiba Elevator provides high-quality services and products to support further growth of Indian economy.

Installation demands advanced technology and construction methods. The Company make full use of these to deliver safe, high-quality elevators and escalators to the satisfaction of customers.

Regular maintenance is important for safe and comfortable elevator operation. In addition to regularly scheduled maintenance programs, the Company provides monitoring and remote inspection services that ensure a rapid and appropriate response in the unlikely event of a malfunction, even when parts must be replaced.

Elevators and escalators used for many years can be replaced with new models that bring new functionality. The Company prepared a whole menu of refurbishment options, ranging from control system only upgrades, all the way to complete replacement of all components, including the hoist, cage, and doors. Upgrading the anti-earthquake functions and communication functions by replacing elevators with the latest models further enhances safety.