Training Course in Marble in Carrara

A 15 day Summer Training Course in stone for Indian architects, engineers, entrepreneurs and students is proposed to be organised by Stone Technology Centre, Jaipur in Carrara, Italy, in May, 2017. The minimum intake of trainees in this course is 15. The training course would include subjects like stone quarries; technical and commercial characteristics of stone materials; use of stone in modern architectures stone product in innovation; stone furniture and external stone cladding. Special technical inputs on new innovations in stone quarrying and processing shall also be provided.

One day tourist visit to Florence, visit to a Carrara marble quarry, a stone processing plant and another stone processing plant equipped with the latest generation technology, and an all day visit to MAPEI factory (manufactures of glue for stone floors visit to Genoa or Pisa or Lucca to see buildings where stone products have been used in significant manner and to a plant producing metal anchors for the stone external claddings. Special technical inputs on new innovations in stone external cladding are also part of the training programme.

This would be a paid training programme and on conclusion of training, a certificate shall also be given to each trainee. Those interested to attend this programme may contact [email protected] to know more details.