Turkish Furniture Market

Competition of Turkey, a country of furniture  manufacturing, with furniture countries that are worldwide brands in the fields of quality, price, technology and design is increasing day by day. According to the data announced by MOSDER, Turkey closed the year 2012 in furniture export with 15% increase as 1.849.467.042 Dollars compared to the previous year. “Until the year 2023, Turkish furniture industry is aiming to become 5th largest furniture manufacturer in the word with export expectation of 10 billion dollars.

Designer Contest ceremony

The fair, hosted the award ceremony of Furniture Design Competition, as well. The young designers of modern Turkey introduced their new models to professional visitors in the fair. 132 different products designed by 49 different furniture companies, the winners by the evaluation of the jury are; Sitting Group Category; 1. “ Pool “ by CASA furniture 2. “Exila” by Kelebek furniture 3. “Decina” by Vanessa Furniture.

Dining Room Category: 1. “Pietra” by Vanessa Furniture 2. “ Lezalt” by Teleset Furniture 3. “ Fuga” by Furniture 68.

Teenager Sets: 1. “Carlo” by Telest Furniture. 2. “Black Pirate” by Cilek Furniture 3. “ Slim” by Rengarenk Furniture.

Accessories category: 1. “Zero” by Ozzo Furniture 2. “ Minimax” by Teleset Furniture 3. “Oregon” by Alfemo Furniture.