UNIQUE WALL DÉCOR Walls as stylish as you

By using the simple suggestion below, you can apply the unique wall decor at home. The bare wall at home is not enticing to view. Many people consider their wall as a space of art. You need to apply a wonderful look on it. Many wall decors can be used to banish the bare and boring feeling. Making the house updated with affordable style can be done by using a new wall decor. You can have a mirror touch up to set on some areas of the wall. You can fill the hallways with some mirrors in various patterns and shapes.

Let the guests enjoy the triangle, Square, rectangular, hexagon or even circular shaped mirrors. The placement of mirror as a unique wall decor can create bigger feeling in the dark room. If you want to enjoy a wonderful look on the bathroom, you can choose tiles to create artistic design. There are many colors, shapes, and sizes of tiles to go. The people who want to create an ethnic decoration on the bathroom wall can install mosaic tiles from the broken tiles.

Sliding door or non-permanent room divider is another option for the people who want to decorate the open floor design in modern or minimalist home design.  You can have it featured many patterns and images such as Japanese cherry wood or bamboo images. If you want to increase the value of your home, you can install some expensive paintings on the wall. There are many famous painting replicas that you can purchase on the stores. You just have to frame it with gold pleated accent. It can be used to define the traditional home design such as Victorian home decor. If you just want to enjoy a unique wall decor in a modern home, you can add minimalist sculpture.

About Old Home Interior Wall Color and Decor 2014, this architectural design ideas is a must if you want to help make your whole home looks stunning. You can decorate it based on themes or seasons in the space. You have to know that a stunning home will help make the home itself feel comfortable, so you can stay at your own home comfortably. These design ideas will make your home looks strong and brave yet still warm and lovable.

Vastu is About Colours Also

vastu colorWithin Vastu, there is an intimate relationship between colour and the creation of a positive environment. White colour represents cleanliness, purity, sacredness and detachment. The red colour, on one side, is indicative of adorable purity and on the other side it also represents violence or blood. The different shades of red radiate happiness and also develop the feeling of intuition. Yellow colour provides speed, exuberance and an illusory sense of affluence. Orange colour is indicative of ideal qualities, valour and a sense of aggression.

Various colours have an effect on human lives.  Vastushastra attempts to establish harmony with nature and increasing the efficiency by creation a conductive environment through the use of proper colour combination.

A good and pleasant environment leads to positive frame of mind which ultimately increases productivity and creativity coupled with analytical bent of mind. Sunlight is made up of seven colours, which when amalgamated, form white colour, these seven colours are useful for human life.  According to Vastushastra the influence of various colours in the eight directions is as follows:

East  – White

Northeast – White, Green

North – Parrot green, yellowish white

Northwest – White, Black, Blue, Grey

West – Red

Southwest – Smoky Red

South – Red

Southeast – Mixture Of Yellow, Red or Orange

Centre Region – Yellow

The colours for the various rooms and directions can be planned accordingly.  The use of different colours in different directions may give an odd appearance and may not be easily accepted. But by ensuring the symbolic presence of the respective colours in a particular direction, positive results can be obtained.  Therefore, positive result oriented different colour combination in different rooms as per Vastushastra will have an over-riding effect over general acceptance of common colour in different rooms. The effective functioning of the seven yogic chakras and the productivity of an individual is also influenced by the respective colours.  When we make a comprehensive study of seven colours in the sunlight, the seven charkas in a human body and their mutual relationship, the thinking will emerge that the colours have a tremendous influence on human life.

While most of us believe that Vastushastra mainly deals with structural engineering there is an intimate relationship between Vastushastra and colour. Sunlight is highly beneficial to human life and is made up of the seven colours of spectrum. The performance of seven Yogic Chakras within the human body is also influenced by respective colours.